Ep20 Camel Corp

Hello, HELLO! Welcome to Madman Marvin's Motors! I see you're on the hunt for some cheap, honest transportation. Well, look no further. We have the very best used cars on the market and for zero- ZERO- percent APR- I can get you this lovely previously owned podcast.

This model has leather interior and comes standard with hosts Ben and Thomas. And cupholders! Of course we have a military surplus camel that I'll throw in for no extra charge... Oh! And you'll think I'm crazy but I'll even give you a Random Wikipedia Article and artwork by THE Matthew Flight. Such a deal, amiright? 

Well, drop us a line if you're interested info@obscurigami.com


Old website with info on the Camel Corp

Camelops: The North American Ancestor of All Camels

Info about the Camelops

Charles Carroll

Hi Jolly

Ep19 Ben Grenup Monument and Pineville Chained Rock


Attention all units, this is dispatch. We have a 4 Alarm Fire on site at Obscurigami Podcast World HQ. Please proceed immediately to the site using a hand pulled hook and ladder cart. Be advised there is danger of falling rocks in the event of chain failure and advise all units of Random Wikipedia Article conditions. Building contacts are Ben and Thomas info@obscurigami.com and Matthew Flight is available with auxiliary rescue equipment. 

The Benjamin C. Grenup Monument Wikipedia Article

Chanined Rock

Ep18 Sun Gazing

WARNING Do not stare directly into the sun. Prolonged contact could lead to eye damage. Right? Always use an approved sunscreen. DANGER Ben and Thomas host the Obscurigami podcast which can cause pointless education. Listeners are encouraged to read all Random Wikipedia articles for themselves and cross reference with reliable sources. CAUTION Artwork by Matthew Flight may cause an increase in good taste and lead to an irreversible desire to purchase and frame podcast artwork. IF SUN POISONING OCCURS Please contact your local poison control center and consider downloading more episodes from obscurigami.com or email Ben and Thomas at info@obscurigami.com

This podcast has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration

Sun Gazing Wikipedia Page

Sun Gazing Documentary

The Health Benefits of Sun Gazing

Breatharianism (Living without consuming food)

Film Before Film YouTube video

Dr. W.H. Bates

Interview with creator of Eat The Sun Documentary

Ep17 SMS Emden

.... . .-.. .-.. --- -..-. .-.. .. ... - . -. . .-. ... -..-. - .... .. ... -..-. .. ... -..-. --- -... ... -.-. ..- .-. .. --. .- -- .. -..-. ... .. --. .... - . -.. -..-. ... -- ... -..-. . -- -.. . -. -..-. --- ..-. ..-. -..-. .. -. -.. .. .- -. -..-. -.-. --- .- ... - -..-. . -..- .--. . .-. - -..-. --. ..- . ... - -..-. .--- . ... ... . -..-. ... .- -.-- ... -..-. -.- .- .--. .. - .- -. -..-. ...- --- -. -..-. -- ..- . .-.. .-.. . .-. -..-. -- . .- -. ... -..-. -... ..- ... .. -. . ... ... -..-. ... . -. -.. -..-. .-. .- -. -.. --- -- -..-. .-- .. -.- .. .--. . -.. .. .- -..-. .- .-. - .. -.-. .-.. . -..-. .- -. -.. -..-. .. -. ... - .-. ..- -.-. - .. --- -. ... -..-. .-. . .-.. .- -.-- -..-. .- -.. -.. .. - .. --- -. .- .-.. -..-. - .-. .- -. ... -- .. ... ... .. --- -. -..-. - --- -..-. .. -. ..-. --- -..-. .- - -..-. --- -... ... -.-. ..- .-. .. --. .- -- .. -..-. -.. --- - -..-. -.-. --- -- -..-. .- .-. - -..-. -... -.-- -..-. -- .- - - .... . .-- -..-. ..-. .-.. .. --. .... -

Listen to these show notes here.

Morse Code Translation


Why they call cunning people "Emden"

SMS Emden (Article)

Hong Kong's Favorite Foe

German WW1 Light Cruiser SMS Emden versus HMAS Sydney

Navel Battle History

Australia's first naval victory commemorated 100 years after battle between HMAS Sydney and German raider SMS Emden

1928 Newspaper Article About the Emden

More Emden Stuff

Excerpt from HMAS Sydney I Medical Officer’s log during action with SMS Emden 09 November 1914

Ep16 John Ruffo

Hi, this is John Ruffo•. Remember me? No? I'm an at-large criminal wanted by the U.S. Marshals for fraud and money laundering and I don't just like... I LOVE the Obscurigami podcast. Thomas and Ben's episode on me is particularly pointlessly educational, although I have to admit they're clueless as to my actual whereabouts. My favorite part remains the Random Wikipedia Article segment and I continue to be impressed by Matthew Flight's artwork. Definitely recommended listening for those long car rides avoiding law enforcement or for those late nights sleeping in uncomfortable underground bunkers! Thanks guys!

•This letter was received by the editors of this website in late November 2017. We have reason to believe it is not written by Ruffo. If the real Ruffo could please confirm our suspicions by writing to us with his address and a phone number where he can be reached, we would be happy to issue a correction. That email is info@obscurigami.com


Ep15 Hotel Amenities Wars

Good evening, sir and madam! Welcome to the Hotel Obscurigami! Checking in? 

Ben and Thomas hope you will enjoy your stay. We have reserved our 'Hotel Amenity Wars' Suite for you. This comes standard with our Random Wikipedia Article bedding package and is luxuriously decorated by designer Matthew Flight, who also illustrates our Podcast Artwork room keys.

If you have any concerns, please contact the front desk at info@obscurigami.com or obscurigami.com and be sure to subscribe in your favorite podcatcher! Continental breakfast begins at 6 AM.

Ep14 Six Ravens

Welcome to this trove of forgotten lore– if you hear a tapping upon your chamber door, tis probably just the playback of Obscurigami the audio journal of the obscure.

As each dying ember casts it's ghost upon the floor, join Thomas and Ben for an exploration of one of nature's most stately birds– the Raven of yore– and the residence of a few of the luckiest members of the species in the Tower of London.

And if you are never flitting, yet still sitting, you may also enjoy a Random Wikipedia article or artwork by Matthew Flight to cushion your eyes with it's velvet lining. If you enjoyed it, email info@obscurigami.com or visit obscurigami.com. If not, then listen– Nevermore.

How to Tell A Raven From a Crow
Article About the Ravens
BBC Article About Raven Release
Wikipedia Article About the Ravens
Historic-UK Page About the Ravens
Paulne Frommer’s London
City of Ravens by Boria Sax

Ep13 Alien Abduction Insurance

Account Holder: Obscurigami: An Audio Journal of the Obscure
Policy #012
Account Balance: Currently owing one episode about Alien Abduction Insurance. Payments can be made via our website obscurigami.com or by emailing info@obscurigami.com
Policy Coverage includes Random Wikipedia Protection Plan and Matthew Flight Rare Podcast Art Coverage

Alien Abduction Insurance Wikipedia Page
Get Your Own Alien Abduction Insurance Policy
Local News Broadcast About AAI
SF Gate Article
Money Marketing Article
LA Times Article

Pedra do Indaiá

Ep12 Attu Island

Elcomeway otay Obscurigamiway, anway audioway ournaljay ofway
ethay obscureway. Isthay episodeway, earnlay aboutway ethay
onlyway artpay ofway ethay Unitedway Ates'stay incorporatedway
erritorytay occupiedway ybay oreignfay orcesfay uringday Orldway
Arway IIWAY… Attuway Islandway. Afterway ichwhay, enjoyway
ethay andomnessray atthay ancay onlyway ebay oundfay inway ethay
epthsday ofway Ikipediaway. Indfay oremay episodesway atway
obscurigamiway.omcay andway endsay allway iendlyfray emailsway
andway iftgay ardscay otay infoway@obscurigamiway.omcay. Owshay
artway ybay Atthewmay Ightflay

Letters from Attu

Attu Island Wikipedia

US War Department Report from Attu Video

Ep11 Salvage One

Episode Eleven.

I would like an order of Obscurigami please, my usual. For the main course, let’s have Thomas and Ben discussing the TV show Salvage One with, oh I don’t know, some kind of garnish. Medium rare, but not too pink! Then, on the side, let’s have another one of those Random Wikipedia article thingees. Oh! And don’t forget the vintage artwork by Matthew Flight. I’ll have a whole bottle. Send the bill to info@obscurigami.com and subscribe in iTunes.

Series Pilot on Archive.org
Metafilter Post about Salvage One
Interview with Andy Griffith about Salvage One

Ep10 Kin Dza Dza

Episode Ten.

Greetings Chatlanians and Patsaks and noble wearers of both yellow and especially crimson pants! This episode of Obscurigami, the obscure things podcast comes to you from the planet Pluke in the Kin-Dza-Dza galaxy. Be sure to Koo your local Etsilop and purchase a copy of Kin-Dza-Dza for viewing before listening. More randomness to follow via one of the most popular websites online, WIKIPEDIA. This podcast is brought to you by the letter obscurigami.com and by the number info@obscurigami.com. And by the Matthew Flight, designer of finely crafted artwürks. 

Article: In Praise of Kin Dza Dza

Kin Dza Dza Trailer

Kin Dza Dza Original Theme

Ernst Ziller

Ep8 OK Soda

Episode 8.

Once, when Thomas and Ben were sleeping in separate parts of the world, they awoke to discover that they had a shared dream. They imagined in the deep stages of REM that they hosted a podcast called Obscurigami, all about obscure things, and that there was once an obscure thing called OK Soda. They also dreamed about random Wikipedia articles, their website obscurigami.com, and their email address info@obscurigami.com. When they awoke, they discovered that the podcast of their dreams could be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and other Podcast Capturing Softwares, and also that Matthew Flight is a Real Artist. They also found a case of OK Soda in each of their respective refrigerators.

This is not a coincidence.


OK Soda Wikipedia Page

YouTube Video of old OK Soda Commercials

Reddit Thread About OK Soda

In Depth Article About OK Soda Campaign

Article about OK Soda Fan

Music: Someone Else’s Memories by Revolution Void is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Ep7 Fatal Familial Insomnia

Episode Seven.

Name of Patient: Obscurigami Podcast Episode #6. Date of Release: MM/DD/YYY. Patient Doctor: Dr’s Benjamin and Thomas. Blood Test: Negative. Fatal Familial Insomnia: Further testing, investigation and discussion required. Please see record of Dr’s Benjamin and Thomas’ research. Random Wikipedia Article: Present in malignant form. Prognosis: Highly Listenable. Patient Contact: info@obscurigami.com Doodle on Medical Chart: Matthew Flight

Book: The Family That Couldn’t Sleep
Article: Dying To Sleep FFI
Article: The Man Who Never Slept
ABC New Report on FFI
Short Documentary 

Music by Plushgoolash. 

Ep6 Benjamin Harrison

Download Here.

There once were two friends, with lives something lacking

Then late one night they decided on podcasting

Ben and Thomas was how they were named

and Obscurigami burst forth without shame

But soon their joy turned to sorrow

For they found they had to record on the morrow

“Alas for a topic!” cried Ben most sincere

As he munched on the chips and reached for the beer

“Never fear!” responded Thomas with patient guise

“I have inspiration! Now listen, be wise!

"Before you go storming your mind’s empty garrison

"Let me tell you about Benjamin Harrison.”

Ben’s eyes were aglow as Thomas waxed on eloquent

About this obscure President and his secretary’s elopement

“That’s brilliant!” cried Ben, “now what to do?”

“Here you go,” said Thomas, “a random Wikipedia article for you.”

So now my friends, this our show

May it bring peace to your heart and leave it aglow.

However, if not, be sure to complain

info@obscurigami.com, I hope that is plain

Art by Matthew Flight: He’s the bomb.

Music: Someone Else’s Memories by Revolution Void is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Ep5 Gas Turbine Engines

Greetings, well met fellow, Hail! Thou and thy kinsmen art hereby and Heartily welcomed to the most venerable Podcast of Obscurigami! Gentleman Thomas and faithful compatriot Gentleman Ben bid you come Forth and incline thy ear to sounds most unique and loquacious. Imbibe most zealously on news of the modern invention of the Gasoline Turbine engine and it’s myriad of uses in Automotive context. Perchance, afterwards, all shall haphazardly stumble out across the Apoplectic wasteland of Wikipedia. Jolly rejoinders Resound? You may reach us via automatic Post at info@obscurigami.com or through obscurigami.com. But who is this that descendeth from yonder Mountain? Tis noble and philosophical artist Matthew Flight bearing the gift of artwork. Forsooth!

Download Episode Here.


Wikipedia Article on Gas Turbine Engines

Converting Your Engine to Run on Vegetable Oil

Why Gas Turbine Engines Aren’t Used In Cars

Music Credit: "Mr Rabbit
by Stefan Kartenberg