Ep3 Gregor McGregor

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Hello STOP Welcome to this Obscurigami podcast STOP In this episode Ben and Thomas have urgent news of a confidence trickster and the nation of Poyais STOP Thomas and Ben also read a Wikipedia article as their wives begin to get annoyed STOP Visit the website for this podcast at obscurigami.com where you can learn absolutely nothing about Killer Whales STOP They are not obscure enough STOP Email podcast hosts at info@obscurigami.com with anything but pictures of whales STOP Art by Matthew Flight who is not a whale STOP

Memoirs of Gregor M'Gregor

The Land That Never Was: Sir Gregor Macgregor And The Most Audacious Fraud In History

Ep2 Corrupted Blood Incident

Episode Two


USED - - LIKE NEW podcast episode Made in USA - - L@@K
Hi up for bid is this episode of obscurigami found while cleaning out my uncles garage. He was non smoker its in mint condition. Features Ben and Thomas talking about a World of Warcraft plague and the excitement it produced in the scientific community. There’s also a random Wikipedia article I think it’s a regular feature or something. Box says website is obscurigami.com and Thomas and Ben answer questions and accept suggestions info@obscurigami.com and also you can subscribe. Am selling because the only part I liked was the artwork by Matthew Flight. Here’s a list of references 4 you. Good luck!

BBC News Article “Deadly Plague Hits Warcraft World”

Corrupted Blood Incident Wikipedia Page

Reddit Thread Discussing the Incident

First Hand Account

Article From Academic Types

Article on Virtual Epidemiology

Music for this Episode: Unheard Music Concepts - 11 - Electric_Silence

Ep1 Magma

Episode One

WELCOME to OBSCURIGAMI! The PODCAST all about OBSCURE THINGS! LISTEN as Ben and Thomas revel in the dulcet tones of obscure French Prog Rock band MAGMA! TUNE IN to hear this week’s RANDOM WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE examined for you in a SOOTHING MANNER! KEEP READING for more exciting SHOW NOTES! EMAIL Thomas and Ben with INGENIOUS ideas, INTRIGUING questions, and PITHY STATEMENTS via info@obscurigami.com! SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or your local podcatcher! LEARN more about Magma from these HELPFUL REFERENCES! SHOW ARTWORK by MATTHEW FLIGHT!

Magma Biography

Magma Official Website

Youtube Video of Magma jamming the final part of De Futura

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