Ep6 Benjamin Harrison

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There once were two friends, with lives something lacking

Then late one night they decided on podcasting

Ben and Thomas was how they were named

and Obscurigami burst forth without shame

But soon their joy turned to sorrow

For they found they had to record on the morrow

“Alas for a topic!” cried Ben most sincere

As he munched on the chips and reached for the beer

“Never fear!” responded Thomas with patient guise

“I have inspiration! Now listen, be wise!

"Before you go storming your mind’s empty garrison

"Let me tell you about Benjamin Harrison.”

Ben’s eyes were aglow as Thomas waxed on eloquent

About this obscure President and his secretary’s elopement

“That’s brilliant!” cried Ben, “now what to do?”

“Here you go,” said Thomas, “a random Wikipedia article for you.”

So now my friends, this our show

May it bring peace to your heart and leave it aglow.

However, if not, be sure to complain

info@obscurigami.com, I hope that is plain

Art by Matthew Flight: He’s the bomb.

Music: Someone Else’s Memories by Revolution Void is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.