The Real People That Inspired Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade

Bo Burnham has had a fascinating arc from obnoxious teenager to sincere and nuanced screenwriter and director. Eighth Grade is one of my favorite films from 2018, and I talk about one of the reasons why in this video (there are no spoilers).

I also reccomend you check out the interviews I referenced in the video:

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Directors Before: What we can learn about his style from Terrence Malick's first film, Badlands

The third installment in my Directors Before Series, is about Terrence Malick and his debut film, Badlands. Badlands might seem stylistically very distinct from Malick’s recent more experimental work, but I think you can see the foundations of his current style present in Badlands in subtle ways. This video reveals what those connections are and lets you see for yourself how Malick’s style has developed over his career so far.