Ep20 Camel Corp

Hello, HELLO! Welcome to Madman Marvin's Motors! I see you're on the hunt for some cheap, honest transportation. Well, look no further. We have the very best used cars on the market and for zero- ZERO- percent APR- I can get you this lovely previously owned podcast.

This model has leather interior and comes standard with hosts Ben and Thomas. And cupholders! Of course we have a military surplus camel that I'll throw in for no extra charge... Oh! And you'll think I'm crazy but I'll even give you a Random Wikipedia Article and artwork by THE Matthew Flight. Such a deal, amiright? 

Well, drop us a line if you're interested info@obscurigami.com


Old website with info on the Camel Corp

Camelops: The North American Ancestor of All Camels

Info about the Camelops

Charles Carroll

Hi Jolly