Ep16 John Ruffo

Hi, this is John Ruffo•. Remember me? No? I'm an at-large criminal wanted by the U.S. Marshals for fraud and money laundering and I don't just like... I LOVE the Obscurigami podcast. Thomas and Ben's episode on me is particularly pointlessly educational, although I have to admit they're clueless as to my actual whereabouts. My favorite part remains the Random Wikipedia Article segment and I continue to be impressed by Matthew Flight's artwork. Definitely recommended listening for those long car rides avoiding law enforcement or for those late nights sleeping in uncomfortable underground bunkers! Thanks guys!

•This letter was received by the editors of this website in late November 2017. We have reason to believe it is not written by Ruffo. If the real Ruffo could please confirm our suspicions by writing to us with his address and a phone number where he can be reached, we would be happy to issue a correction. That email is info@obscurigami.com