Ep5 Gas Turbine Engines

Greetings, well met fellow, Hail! Thou and thy kinsmen art hereby and Heartily welcomed to the most venerable Podcast of Obscurigami! Gentleman Thomas and faithful compatriot Gentleman Ben bid you come Forth and incline thy ear to sounds most unique and loquacious. Imbibe most zealously on news of the modern invention of the Gasoline Turbine engine and it’s myriad of uses in Automotive context. Perchance, afterwards, all shall haphazardly stumble out across the Apoplectic wasteland of Wikipedia. Jolly rejoinders Resound? You may reach us via automatic Post at info@obscurigami.com or through obscurigami.com. But who is this that descendeth from yonder Mountain? Tis noble and philosophical artist Matthew Flight bearing the gift of artwork. Forsooth!

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Why Gas Turbine Engines Aren’t Used In Cars

Music Credit: "Mr Rabbit
by Stefan Kartenberg