Mad Max: Fury Road - Near to Far | My First Supercut

The "supercut" is a deceptively simple type of video, but I think it's one that, when done well, displays the power that editing has to reframe things and create meaning. I was interested in trying my hand at one and the use of distance-to-subject in Mad Max: Fury Road seemed like a good topic for the format. 

The creation of this video involved cutting hundreds of selected shots out of the 2 hour film. Because I knew I wanted the subjects' distance to the camera to perceivably move throughout the edit, I mostly chose shots with a clear single subject. After that it was just a matter of sorting a couple hundred shots from widest to closest, cutting out the ones that didn't fit the flow or the progression of the edit, and setting it all to music. 

My hope is that reordering shots by distance gives the viewers a glimpse into how distance was used throughout the film.

One of the things I like about a supercut, is that it let's the viewer "see" the technique I'm highlighting in the video, it doesn't just tell them about it. I try to do this with all my videos to some extent, but the complete absence of narration forces the viewer to analyze the technique for themselves. 

I hope you enjoy this quick video! Keep your eyes peeled for two more full-length videos coming later this month.

I think the supercut stands on it's own and but I gained a few insights in the editing process that I thought I'd share in a bonus narrated version, available to those who give $3 or more to my Patreon.