Just a bunch of stuff I particularly like.


Neil Postman’s description and concerns about TV’s impact on out nation is decades later one of the best descriptions of the impact of social media on public discourse. You could swap TV for “Social Media” in this book and much of it would seem 100% accurate.

The Book about editing film.

My favorite book about filmmaking.


Dr. Rick Strassman’s account of his research on DMT (one of the most potent, strange psychedelic drugs) is fascinating, terrifying, and gives us a glimpse into one of the most interesting research fields being explored right now. Strassman doesn’t just provide an factual account of what he found, but takes you on a journey through what it feels like to do research in a controversial field, and to turn up the totally inexplicable.




Internet Videos:

A great example of how a video essay can be better than the content it comments on.

A fantastic essay that explores the difficulty of approaching certain types of media critically.

Walter Murch talking about editing one of the greatest scenes in film history.

Sometimes a video essay examines, not a film, not a scene, but a single shot. And in this case, it’s genuinely enlightening.